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The NinjaTrader version 8 Auto-bot acts like a gray box, where your adjustments will change its operation. Only through back-testing and using it for many weeks will you be able to determine its benefits if any.

gray box is a device, program or system whose workings are partially understood.

The Auto-bot works in  simulation mode and with live trading data. It is a fully functional sim trader and real time trader, which can be back tested. There is no warranty that it will make profits. It is an Auto-Bot that has over 7 built in trade setups.  
This is a real Automatic trader, serious losses can occur. Back-test and simulate for many weeks before considering implementing a Automatic Trader.
TradeFoxx works only with NinjaTrader Version 8
Pre-Requisites (Free to simulate and practice NinjaTrader Trading Platform)


  1. You will need NinjaTrader 8 Latest version installed with a real-time data-feed
  2. Click here to get NinjaTrader 8 and RECEIVE Free Real-time Data-feed
 Free One Year Trial Download TradeFoxx Intelligent Auto-bot Trader

The Autobot must be tested in  simulation mode only and back tested, until one is comfortable with its settings.

If you find it useful and profitable,  please Donate

  1. Download the Zip File
  2. Disable your Anti-Virus before install
  3. You must not have TradeFoxx Auto Guide Add-on installed, remove if exist.
  4. The addon is called TradeFoxxTrader
  5. Unzip the downloaded file. And run the executable file.
  6. Located new add-on scripts under C:\TradeFoxx\Install Scripts.
  7. Open NinjaTrader use the menu and go to Tools> Import> Ninja Script ;to install scripts. 
  8. The two add-on zips are  and
  9. Free trial is 1 year, renewable. Please Donate.
  10. For all technical support and questions
    click here to visit the Help Desk

Download Entry Guide PDF for using TradeFoxx Indicators

Download Entry Guide PDF for using TradeFoxx Auto-Bot

Do not directly install the ZIP, you must open it and run the EXE file.

For free copy download now, unzip file and run executable. 


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    How to install TradeFoxx