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Back testing Strategies

Back-testing assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out with historical data. A well-conducted back-test that yields sub-optimal results will prompt traders to alter or reject the strategy.

The videos was made with the Auto-Bot called TradeFoxx Scalper, the setups are different in the new Auto bot, but the video is still valid in showing you how to make a template from a trade setup that can be used to paper trading your auto bot. You must have a Template to use a Auto Bot everything must be set for each market.

This Video shows you how to use a ATM and Playback Connection to test your strategy targets. This video applies to any Forex instrument. You must have created a ATM in your chart before enabling the add-on.
How to create a template and name it, and create a ATM and Tag it for that Template Futures.
How to download Replay Data for any instrument, and test using Playback Connection. Same for Forex or Futures.
Testing with Limit Market Backtest in value of 3 does not use ATM uses Hard Stop and Profits Futures Ticks and Forex is Pips
This Video shows how to use only one Trade Sub Events out the 5 currently instead of using all. 0 value is all but using 3 and a number from 1 to 5 you will be using only one, you might have a favorite or try each one by themselves, so you know how they react.