How to use the Auto-Bot

The TradeFoxx Automatic Trader, is programmed to do what a Human Trader should do when trading the market.  We have programmed 7 trade setups we have found through back-testing that offer a classical approach in finding a valid entry.

There are many setting available controlling time, hours of the day, total trades for the day, max losses, max wins, adjustments to indicator periods, and more. These setting need to be learned and reviewed.

Let us first start with learning the trade setups. We have programmed the manual trading guide using TradeFoxx Signals and we have 2 versions a conservative risk taker called Aggressor Event 1 and less conservative risk taker called Aggressor Event 2.

You set the Trade Setup under the heading Trade Logics and the parameter called Aggressor Event. There is also other Trade Setups we will go over these later, that are set in the parameter called Sub Event.

trade logics0 = All Events and One Sub Event if set

1 = Aggressor Event 1 with lots of confirmations

2 = Aggressor Event 1 with bare minimum of confirmations

3 = Turn off Aggressor Events and use only Sub Events.

Sub Events has 7 events 1 to 7 any other number turns off Sub Events.

Sub Event Values, when aggressor event is set to 3

  • 1 = Crossover HMA,EMA,WMA
  • 2 = Crossover SMA9 to SMA25
  • 3 = Crossover Trix 14 to 9
  • 4 = Crossover Trix 21 to 7
  • 5= Three Bar High, Three Bar low (Larry Williams)
  • 6= RSI Overbought Oversold trend Change
  • 7= DMI Trader at Trend Change

Price Spread Setup 1 to 8 is the price spread of the last bar filter one for each setup. The preset values are defaults for indices. If you do not want to use the Price Spread Filter set the value to 0.

The logic of this filter is that if the last bar did have enough spread from the open price to the High then we might not have enough range to enter a trade.

Trade Setup 1

Now we know how to choose a trade setup.

To test the Trade Setup there are three ways, using the NinjaTrader Platform.

  1.  We can use the Strategy Analyzer
  2. We can Download data using Market Replay  and Play Connection
  3. We can Open a Chart load TradeFoxx Trader and use sim mode.

Each test process will get you closer to knowing if the Trade Setup will work has stated.

Trade Parameter called Limit/Market/Back-test is used to place a Trade order.

ATM Settings

1 = Buy/Ask for Simulation, Market Replay and Live Trading (recommended for real-time trading)

2 = At Market Price for Simulation, Market Replay and Live Trading

3 = Strategy Analyzer will only produce results unless this value is 3 .

Profit Ticks and Loss Ticks works only in the Strategy Analyzer  to produce Back test reports.

ATM name Parameter is crucial the Auto Bot will not produce results unless a ATM is created with the same name entered here. We provide a generic one that can copied to get you started.

It is located in C:\TradeFoxx\AtmStrategy

You need to copy it to C:\Users\???\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Strategy\TradeFoxxTrader

Turn Off Buy Sell Parameter

If you want to trade only buy side or sell side 0 = Turn Off   1 = Active

Daily Profit, Daily Loss, Trades Per Day only work in real-time feeds and can not be back tested. To turn off simple put high values.