Intelligent Trader

The TradeFoxx Intelligent Trading system is exclusive to NinjaTrader. You’ve developed an advanced Day Trading and Swing Trading System that is Discretionary, Semi or Fully Automatic (Adaptive Grey-box Trading Suite), for Stocks, Futures, and Forex.

Fully Automated or Manual Order Placement with Emotion Free Trade Management

A systematic approach to trading supply and demand, momentum, trend and volume profiles. Discover first hand with a free trial risk free how Trade Foxx’s semi or fully automated model reduces subjectivity and emotions. This allows you to make smarter trading decisions.

  • Fully automatic order entry and automatic advanced trade management available
  • Colorized levels for trend following and audio entry signals.
  • Automated back-testing and optimization, via Auto Bot
  • Full control of Time, when, what time, how many trades
  • Automatic Trade Management Interactive Auto-bot controls
  • Place Limit or Market orders with custom ATM
  • Chose from multiple Strategies

Professional Trade Manager, NinjaTrader Strategies and Indicators

This is a unique and professional grade trading tool suite for NinjaTrader Traders or Trading Rooms, comprising indicators: trend, and set of 10 auto trader strategies based on the provided indicators – alongside each strategy an integrated or standalone Advanced Trade Manager UI – allowing fully auto or semi auto trading with all strategies or easy trading in stand alone discretionary with trade management mode – allowing real-time interactive control of orders and filters and settings.

It is professionally written in NinjaTrader’s advanced unmanaged programming order mode, so you have full control and no overfills or errors.

NinjaTrader 8
This trading system is only available for NinjaTrader 8 upwards – get started in minutes with a simple 1 click installer, keep up to date with automatic updates. The installed package consists of the NinjaTrader Add-ons which install straight into NinjaTrader with ready to use workspaces, templates and settings as provided by Trade Foxx