We have made every possible effort to make our Auto Trader perform every aspect of Day Trading automatically. We have put almost every setting used to make a trade decision under your control. This makes the Auto Trader a complex program with a substantial amount of variations that will change the outcomes for the good or for the bad, depending on your settings.

We call the strategies or trade setups ,Aggressor Events.  There are currently 10 trade setups you can use. We have included templates of these ATM strategies under  C:\TradeFoxx\Strategy.

Under the C:\TradeFoxx\ you will find a couple PDF files that will help you understand the aggressor events and how the trade setups main decisions are made. Most trade setups do not trade more than 3 or 6 times per session dependents on if your are intra-trading or if trading night time.

The trade setups have been back tested and you can back test them yourself using NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer.  Try out in simulation, learn how it functions and see if the results work for you for a  live market.

The parameter limit/market/back-test must be set to 1 or 2 for simulation and the value of 3 for back-test.

Although the Auto-bot will find a trade, enter a trade and exit a trade, the profit target and trailing stops all must be set by you to the particular market you wish to trade. An example ATM can be found in C:\TradeFoxx\AtmStrategy. Called BotATM.xml

For simulation testing you must have BotATM.xml created, Copy our default into C:\Users\???\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\AtmStrategy

You can use this example for indices market in simulation mode, it will not work for Forex markets, You will have to adjust your own ATM for PIP profit and stop targets. You create for any market oil, Forex, Commodities, Stocks. The naming is Case Sensitive so watch your spelling when adding filename in the parameter section.

You can create a ATM for Oil and call it OilATM.xml and one for ES call it ESATM.xml you can make as many as you need, for as many markets you want to trade.

Although the Auto Trader Auto-bot will do everything automatically, we high recommend you Baby Sit it, it is not the Holy Grail and you can increase the profit results by exiting when things do not look right.

You must completely understand the robot, therefore you must watch it for hours and hours to understand when it takes a trade setup, how it moves through the trade event and once you totally understand its function with the confidence of simulation experience, can you then consider to use it in any real time fashion.

Our trading robots are not for the blind unconscious trader, but for those who are willing to understand that making a trading decision is a complex procedure and we give you every possible setting to make a automatic process, you must get involved in creating the settings.

One parameter change can make the trade robot not work, so back testing before simulation is a must if you see no results in back-testing you will not see results in simulation.

Also do not expect massive amounts of trades per day, depending the hours set expect 3 trades per day on average on a good trading day.

Not every chart style works with the robot, just like traders prefer certain charts styles to make trading setups,, our robots  like to use HeikinAshi, and 5 Minute Charts.

If there is any questions on any setting drop us a email support@tradefoxx.com