Subscription to TradeFoxx Intelligent Trader



Subscribe to TradeFoxx software. The software can be used on two trading computers per customer. TradeFoxx is an Add-on for NinjaTrader 8. It will give you an edge and guided insights into market price moves. Made for the Active Day Trader (Short Term).

Special $150 per months. Or one time lifetime payment of $1,200.00. There is a requiring support and update fee of $100 per your year that can be cancelled anytime, after first year.

 Works in all Futures and Forex Markets. Day Trade using our easy to use, very accurate trading system. The power and accuracy of TradeFoxx can help any Micro-Short term day trading style at an incredible affordable price.

Designed for Day Trading, whether seasoned professional Day Trader looking for good stable trading system or just starting out in Day Trading this software will pay for itself over and over again.

TradeFoxX is designed specifically for Day Traders. It was designed as an income generation platform. Whether trading conservative or aggressive this trade manager will perform for both styles.

TradeFoxx Trade Manager works on any windows computer  that can use Ninja Trader Platform version 8. Looking for new edge in Day Trading, we have incorporated trading indicators that work across Futures and Forex markets that our extremely accurate with very low Draw Downs which is needed for successful day in, day out Intra-Day Trading.

The TradeFoxx Intelligent Trader trading system is Exclusive for NinjaTrader is an advanced Stocks, Futures & Forex proprietary Day Trading and Swing Trading System, Discretionary, Adaptive Grey-box Trading suite developed for Day Trading Logics Inc. Coral Gables, Florida.

This is a unique and professional grade trading suite for NinjaTrader Traders or Trading Rooms, comprising indicators: specialized trend,trader and strategies based on the provided indicators The underlying trade engine is professionally written providing the trader full control, no overfills or errors to halt your trading

by the Trade Foxx Help Desk 9.30EST to 15:30EST Monday to Friday.